Hovercat 1 (8 Variations)



The Hovercat made his appearance in the Catacombs when he was barely a year old. He is a natural ginger with a subtle tuxedo marking with white cravat, gloves and spats. There should always be a hovercat here, and I realized I just didn’t have enough wispy Hovercat fur in the place.  He  floats around the place, like a cloud on a clear day. He never jumps up to push things from their places. He levitates and glides. Wolf Halton (c) June 2021.

Hovercat 1A
Hovercat 1B
Hovercat 1C
Hovercat 1D
Hovercat 1E
Hovercat 1F
Hovercat 1G
Hovercat 1H


The original (now lost) was an digital photograph. I put that original through the digital augmenter to increase the dimensions for you. You can choose your size, and Digital Variation. Sizes from Letter (8.5″ x 11″) to Arch D (24″ x 36″).












Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 25 × 3 × 3 in
Print Size

ArchD 24"x36", SuperB-A3 18"x24", Letter 8.5"x11"


Version 1A, Version 1B, Version 1 C, Version 1D, Version 1E, Version 1F, Version 1G, Version 1H


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