Classic Kitten of Bast (16 Variations)



Cass sat for this portrait, as the handmaiden of Bast, the Egyptian Goddess of War, Sex and Fertility. Often depicted as a Lion or a woman with a lion’s head, Bast is still revered by cats the world over, as their lives revolve around the areas of Bast’s particular expertise. Cass is good at these set pieces, as she is wont to sit still in ornamental poses for over five minutes at a stretch, whether or not she thinks anyone is watching. That’s the mark of a true professional.   Wolf Halton (c) June 2021.

Classic Kitten on a Pedestal
Kitten on Pedestal 1A
Kitten on Pedestal 1B
Kitten on Pedestal 1C
Kitten on Pedestal 1D
Kitten on Pedestal 1E
Kitten on Pedestal 1F
Kitten on Pedestal 1G
Kitten on Pedestal 1H
Kitten on Pedestal 1HR

The original was an digital photograph. I put that original through the digital augmenter to increase the dimensions for you. You can choose your size, and Digital Variation. Sizes from Letter (8.5″ x 11″) to Arch D (24″ x 36″). I will produce a reverse image of any of these, so you can have a matched set to bring a room together. Kitten on Pedestal 1HR is presented as an example.













Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 25 × 3 × 3 in
Print Size

ArchD 24"x36", SuperB-A3 18"x24", Letter 8.5"x11"


Version 1A, Version 1B, Version 1C, Version 1D, Version 1E, Version 1F, Version 1G, Version 1H, Version 1AR, Version 1BR, Version 1CR, Version 1DR, Version 1ER, Version 1FR, Version 1GR, Version 1HR


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