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Why Blue Kitten Galleries?

This is a special place where Wolf Halton’s art is homed. At the moment, the only artist homed here is Wolf Halton but if you are an artist and your style is complementary to Wolf’s work, we would consider featuring your work here as well. This is never positioned to replace one of the huge art platforms. It’s intended to be small, cute and perhaps a little silly from time to time.

Who is Wolf Halton?

Wolf is an a colorblind artist. His first published art was black and white photography for a dog-fancy magazine called Belgian Shepherd Dogs in America. He was assistant editor and copy-artist as well. That was back just before computers became mainstream in small publishers, and the first issues of the magazine were produced on a Royal Daisywheel typewriter. Soon the typewriter was pressed into duty as the dedicated printer for the magazine, and Wolf became the official computer operator with the acquisition of a Commodore 64.

From a very young age, Wolf was told that though being colorblind is an invisible disability, it would hold him back from any career in the arts. He learned to be a dog groomer, and then went to community college and learned the trade of watchmaking. This was the Dawn of electronic watches and the cheapest LED available cost about $300. In 1983 dollars this was a prodigious investment for a watch that needed a new battery every three months. Wolf was learning how to repair and maintain beautiful mechanical auto-winding chronometers with dozens of moving parts.

Creating parts for watches, including fusee chains for early pocketwatches was artistically fulfilling, but the profession was dying and there industry was changing to support the throwaway culture of quartz watches. Wolf worked in the industry, repairing watches in various factory settings, and jewelry stores for four years after leaving school, 1 course shy of completing an Associate of Science degree. What was the untested course? Diamond-grading. The Cs of diamond grading are Cut, Carat-weight, Clarity and Color. Wolf pre-emptively took a job in the field rather than attempting the Diamond-grading course where he was sure he would be unable to compete, since he had never indexed on color.

He was always mechanically artistic, but it took until his wife passed away in 2017 for him to actually start painting. In some ways, painting was the only unscripted piece of his life. By this time he was working in compliance at a large corporation, a tiny cog in a very big machine. He started the self-directed course “The Artist’s Way” in 2020, and there are only 2 requirements to complete that course: writing 3 pages called the morning pages every day, and having a weekly Artist’s Date where the student takes their inner artist out to do something fun. One of Wolf’s friends invited him to a weekly art studio.

He started with simple things like acrylic pours, but the composition training from the previous century started to click into place. He started creating images from the house, and the backyard wilderness, and then acrylic images of photographs. In early 2021, he started doing digital alterations of photographs to add to the mounting group of acrylic paintings.