The Tree Lovers



The lovers stood on the hot summer field, looking out at the sloping terrain. They were too, different, and their parents had forbad them to see each other. Their families had long been rivals and competed in all things. He looked at her, and his heart was torn. They could run away, and forego their familys’ blessings. This was not really a viable option. They could not survive long away from their homes. She reached out for one last embrace, and the gods seemed to sigh as they entwined their arms. They held tightly. Their feet rooted deeply into the ground, and their bodies entwined tighter. Leaves and flowers sprang from their rising branches, as they had one last kiss.

The lovers have stood like this in a field near Zingara Georgia for 150 years, growing stronger as they lean upon each other.


The print is available in three sizes. Shipped appropriately. Numbered limited edition. Only 100 will be printed of this image in each size. Wolf Halton (c) 2021


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